At FUTURELIFE®, WE ARE NUTRITION and we aim to inspire people to live healthy and happier lives with breakthrough innovation and by offering superior functional foods.

In 2021 we partnered with AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES, an organisation that aims to enable young people to become economically empowered. Their goal is to create an economically thriving South African society by investing in its youth. Together, we combined expertise to form the FUTUREPRENEUR ACADEMY, a 3-year programme that will focus on providing employment opportunities to South Africans, who in turn will then provide the best nutritional products at affordable prices to local communities. We started this journey with just 15 candidates in JHB, since then we have employed candidates in both Cape Town (Mfuleni) and KZN reaching a total of 100 employed youth. Our goal for 2023 is to employ 150 unemployed youth.

The FUTUREPRENEUR ACADEMY provides candidates with classroom and practical training, empowering them to grow their own small business enterprise. Interested in buying or selling in your local community support a local Futurepreneur and contact us today.


Samkelisiwe KhumaloFUTUREPRENEUR

"Being a Futurepreneur has taught me that being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint hearted, it requires patience, dedication and creativity. It also requires patience you to be strong, communicate effectively and not to let the negative comments get you down. This has been a great journey so far."

Tevin Thobile McilongoFUTUREPRENEUR

"Being a Futurepreneur has helped me to get out of my shell. I approach customers door to door and on the streets of JHB at taxi ranks. Being part of this programme has taught me to manage my financials, to be dedicated in my work. If there are areas, I need to improve on there is always help from other Futurepreneurs as we are not just doing a job we are family."


"Being confronted with a product that I knew so little about before was quite a challenge and I struggled to make my first sale. Now I am able to sell in my sleep. It did not happen easily or overnight, I had to learn about the product as well as establish and maintain a clientele base. I had clients who at first did not know about Futurelife and this was a blessing in disguise because each time I had to explain it I was learning and teaching myself. My experience was overwhelming but I learnt a lot about the business and myself."

To inspire people to Live Healthy and Happier lives with breakthrough innovation and offering superior functional foods.
To enable young people to become economically empowered and to be the most effective provider of skills and placement services by building beneficial relationships that drive economic empowerment and transformation.
To inspire people to Live Healthy and Happier lives with breakthrough innovation and offering superior functional foods.