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FEED THE FUTURE : Feeding Partners

Over the past three years, a partnership between FUTURELIFE® and the Dis-Chem Foundation has provided more than 2 million highly-nutritious meals to South Africa’s preschool children in need. Now, with the welcome addition of NIVEA and Octodec to this nationwide initiative, the four companies together will enable a massive 2,4 million nutritional meals to be served to children in need in 2023, reaching three-and-a-half times as many children in one year than in the previous three years combined.


With rising living costs and South Africa’s unemployment currently at 32.7%, household hunger remains a major concern. Each day, millions of people go to bed hungry and the majority of them are children. In fact, it is reported that 3 million children experience hunger regularly.

According to the World Health Organization, poor nutrition can cause a child’s growth to be stunted but this goes far deeper than their physical development. They can also suffer cognitive delays which impact their future and robs them of the chance of ever achieving their full potential in life.

FUTURELIFE®’s partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation launched in June 2020 by serving 50 000 meals nutritious meals for underprivelaged  children on a monthly basis.  Due to positive feedback and support, by May 2021 we were able to double the number of meals provided. Now, with the support of Octodec and NIVEA, 200 000 meals will be distributed monthly by HOPE worldwide South Africa.

If you are a corporate and would like to get involved in alleviating child hunger in South Africa, email FUTURELIFEÂŽ today at