Kath is a clinical Paediatric Dietitian with over 24 years of experience in private practice. After obtaining her dietetic degree at Natal University, she obtained a Post Grad qualification through Johns Hopkins University in USA as a Specialist Paediatric Dietician. She has authored 6 books including Allergy sense, Low Carb Handbook for Diabetes and the best seller Weaning Sense which has been published locally and abroad. 

Her passion is helping parents of this generation navigate the enormous amount of information when it comes to feeding babies and kids. Kath believe this generation of parents don’t need more knowledge what they need to learn is how to practically apply the knowledge and make it relevant for their child.

Kath also recently completed a diploma in fertility and pregnancy nutrition and is a qualified lactation consultant.

Kath’s areas of interest include:

  • Paediatric diets across the ages
  • Pregnancy and fertility nutrition
  • Lactation consulting
  • Paediatric allergy
  • Reflux and colic management
  • Weaning including baby led weaning guidance
  • Picky eating
  • Special needs e.g. epilepsy, ADHD and autism

Website: www.nutripaeds.co.za

E-mail: kathmegaw@icloud.com

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