Angie completed her BSc Dietetics at the University of the Free State with all the ‘tools’ required to go out into the world as a registered dietitian. It was also at university that her love for FUTURELIFE® was ignited, as she saw the value of a then very new FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ in obtaining balanced nutrition with benefits on a limited student budget.

After University she started her career completing a community service year at Grey Hospital and as one of only two dietitians at the hospital, she was able to gain valuable experience in multiple spheres of dietetics and treat a variety of disease states. Her passion for community outreach and the value of nutrition education were also harnessed over this period.

After spending a year in a clinical setting, Angie decided it was time to spread her wings and see what else the world of dietetics had to offer - she started out as a FUTURELIFE® dietitian at the beginning of 2013, having found a company where she could grow, learn and add value. FUTURELIFE®’s values align completely with mine, and I love that’, she says.

Angie is also a sports nutrition enthusiast and as an avid mid to long distance runner herself, understands the complexities of tweaking the diet to best reach individual requirements for optimal performance outcomes.

As a mom, Angie is also passionate about maternal and paediatric nutrition. She loves that FUTURELIFE® products can make a mother’s life easier by fulfilling the nutritional needs of both a pregnant or breastfeeding mother and kids in multiple convenient and versatile formats.

Angie has been a part of the ‘FUTURELIFE® family’ for over 8 years and has loved being part of all the growth and development that has taken place. As Head Dietitian she has the privilege of managing the wonderful team of FUTURELIFE® dietitians across South Africa.

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