I’m sure you’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why is this? As the name suggests, break-fast ‘breaks’ our overnight ‘fast’ which replenishes our body’s supply of energy and promotes good health. The question we often ask ourselves is what breakfast options do I have?  Introducing the new FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsules. This cereal uses a combination of bran and barley to create that crunchy breakfast solution with the added benefit of a probiotic capsule.  This is not your average bran cereal, FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and barley with HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsules is a unique combination of ingredients that is designed to support and maintain a healthy gut, making it an ideal choice for that first meal of the day, breakfast. 



FUTURELIFE® had originally combined fibre and probiotics in the form of FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes with Probiotic Sachets. It was launched in 2016, receiving an abundance of positive feedback.  FUTURELIFE® is committed to servicing the needs of their customers, so when a recent study showed that loyal FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes fans would prefer a probiotic capsule over a sachet, FUTURELIFE® jumped at the opportunity to provide the customer with their ideal breakfast solution.



Adults need between 25 and 30g of fibre per day.1 FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley uses a combination of bran and barley to reach a total of 9.9g of fibre per serving, which is 39% of the recommended daily fibre intake. Not only does this combination contribute to your daily fibre intake but the added barley gives that nutty flavour and crunch we all love.

Fibre and gut health have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Fibre is found in fruits and vegetables, cereals, and whole grains (barley). The benefits are fibre intake is attributed to creating a healthy gut microbiome, reducing your risk for the development of cardiovascular disease (like high blood pressure) and the prevention of constipation (keeping you regular).2 


Fibre is well known for preventing and managing constipation, but this is not its only “superpower”. The human gut is home to around 100 trillion microbes (small organisms that help keep our gut healthy). As more research is done, it has been found that a diverse gut microflora (the collective term for organisms that live in the human gut), assists in immune development, metabolic pathways and can even assist in the regulation on emotional and mental functioning. Fibre directly and positively influences our gut microflora.2


In a study done on the new FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsules, 9 out of 10 Home Tester Club Members would recommend FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley for improved digestive wellness in 10 days.




What is a probiotic and what are their benefits? 

Probiotics can be defined as live microorganisms that have health benefits, if given in adequate amounts. Probiotics have potential positive effects on immunity-related disease prevention and treatment (helps protect our immune system) and assists in maintaining gut homeostasis (keep the gut microbiota balanced).  Probiotics can contribute to the prevention of infectious agent formation, metabolize (absorb and process) nutrients and process toxic agents. Probiotics can help synthesize/ process digestive enzymes, vitamins and short chain fatty acids which can aid in the restoration of the gut microbiota. Probiotics assist in the prevention of lesions (cuts) in the gut that can be formed by harmful microorganisms.  In short probiotics help restore the balance of gut flora and improve the functioning of our digestive system. 3


HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsules blend 

HOWARU® is a registered trademark of DuPont and its affiliates. Each HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsule contains HOWARU® Lactobacillus acidophilus and HOWARU® Bifidobacterium lactic. Each capsule contains 1 billion colony forming units. 

Lactobacillus acidophilus: has been extensively studied since it was identified in the 1890’s. This strain is commonly found in dairy products. It attaches itself to the intestinal tract where it can protect it. It assists in the digestion of lactose and reduces the impact of diarrhoea. It also assists in stimulating the immune response.4


Bifidobacterium lactic: this strain of probiotic aids in the synthesis of certain vitamins (B vitamins). It also enhances lactose digestion, can be used to prevent/ treat diarrhoea (antibiotic induce/ from foodborne infections/ rotavirus) and can assist in the stimulation of intestinal immunity.5  



Not only is FUTURELIFE® BRAN FLAKES AND BARLEY the world’s first breakfast to combine fibre AND probiotics to support the functioning of the gut, but it also has some added benefits: 

  1. It is a Source of 12 vitamins (Vit A, B1, B2, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, B6, Folic Acid, B12, C, D, E, Biotin)
  2. It is Low in Saturated Fat: 0.2g per serving with 0.9g of total fat per serving
  3. It is naturally free from: 
    1. Soy 
    2. Cholesterol
    3. Lactose
    4. Trans Fatty Acids
  4. It is free from tartrazine 
  5. Is Halaal certified



Each box of FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley comes with 10 HOWARU® Premium Probiotic capsules. With the added probiotics, there is no need to buy separate items. It is a convenient all in one breakfast with probiotic capsules readily available from leading retail outlets in two sizes, 460g and 900g, giving you the option to choose which fits your lifestyle and pocket better. 



Don’t believe me? Here is what some of our customers had to say. Before launching FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with Probiotic Capsules, 450 women participated in a 10-day challenge consuming FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with Probiotic Capsules daily. From the consumer feedback, 9/10 Home Tester Club Members would recommend FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley. 

Good health is extremely important, and it starts in your gut. Having your 45g serving of FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with your choice of milk or yoghurt or fruit and taking one capsule of HOWARU® Premium Probiotics daily, you are one step closer to a healthier you. 


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Author: Bianca Jonischkeit RD (SA)

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