Run/Walk For Life

For several years, Run/Walk For Life has been using FUTURELIFE® as a source of food for our members, both active athletes and those needing to lose or manage their weight.

As a programme that has solid medical and scientific roots, we are incredibly cautious to endorse and/or recommend any products that have not been extensively tested and researched – as have those of Futurelife.

For our active athletes, we encourage the use of FUTURELIFE® High Protein, both as a pre-race shake and a post-race recovery meal.  For our members whose prime aim is the losing of weight, we encourage the use of FUTURELIFE® Zero.  In addition to these two products, the variety of bars that Futurelife have available are incredibly convenient for the average athlete.  They are ideal as pre, post and during event nutrition.

We enjoy working with FUTURELIFE® as a company.  Their staff are highly professional and energetic.  What appeals to me most about their staff is that they embrace our business as their own, always focusing on how to maximize the benefit of the relationship to both parties.

Matthew Grossett
Group CEO

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