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If you just need something sweet after dinner, nothing fancy, just something to satisfy your sweet tooth and stop it from nagging you, but now your finding it tricky to stick to a small treat. This is for you…

Let’s be honest: Anything that seriously satisfies our sweet tooth isn’t going to be the epitome of a healthy meal. You can aim to find healthier options that offer something beneficial, whether it be a sneaky superfood (like strawberries and grapes) or additional nutrients like fibre or protein. So here are some tips on less guilty ways to indulge any sweet tooth.

1. Fresh Fruit

Can’t get simpler than this. Any piece of fresh fruit should offer enough natural sugar to satisfy those cravings. It is definitely the healthiest choice and you get added nutrients and fibre. Baked apples and poached pears will be perfect for a rainy day, with some cinnamon, sugar and a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Another treat is to stuff the apples with oats, nuts, and just a little honey for added sweetness.

2. Dark Chocolate

Not any old chocolate bar will send you to healthful heaven. Dark chocolate (more than 70% cacao), which lacks all the added fat and sugar of classic milk chocolate, can actually be a healthy treat in moderation. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can even help regulate your stress hormone. Dip fresh berries in dark chocolate and enjoy!

3. Smoothies

Healthy smoothie recipes can be used as a dessert. Make sure these smoothies are filled with fruit and limit milk, ice cream or juice-based smoothies. During summer, fruits tend to ripen quicker than we can eat them. Use those “have-to-eat-today” fruits, cut them up, place them in a bag in the freezer and if the occasion arises put it in a smoothie machine with a tablespoon of water for the perfect smoothie/sorbet, and if you want to make it into a meal, add some FUTURELIFE® from the powdered range.

4. All-Fruit Popsicle

There’s no added sugar in these sweet and cool treats. Simply puree watermelon chunks and some lime juice, freeze, and enjoy. If it’s not watermelon season, try any other juicy fruit: Pears, peaches, or berries with a touch of apple juice for base will all make great pops. With just 344 kilojoules and a boatload of vitamin C, these double-decker popsicles feature a sweet-tart lemon layer topped with a minty watermelon layer. If you prefer one flavour over the other, double the amount of ingredients required for each layer and make single flavoured pops. For the complete recipe –

5. Dairy

Dairy products are quite energy dense and usually form the basis of most desserts. Rather use fat-free milk or plain unsweetened yoghurt instead of full-cream/Greek yoghurt. Ice cream is a very convenient dessert, to avoid this temptation make sure that you have an easy alternative available in your refrigerator, like fruit sorbet.



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