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Physical and mental training play important roles during your race preparation. Nutrition is equally as important. In order to perform at your best, you need to provide your body with the nutrients required to sustain your active lifestyle from day to day. In the days leading up to the race, an extra emphasis should be placed on carbohydrate-rich foods. You also need to pay careful attention to your race day nutrition, both to fuel and recover from the run.


No matter who you are or how you got this far, you’re a hero to many for qualifying and entering this marathon. It takes pure dedication to adapt your lifestyle in preparation for the race. Finding the balance between your training routine and life can sometimes be difficult to achieve whether you’re single, married, a parent or even a grandparent. However, when it comes to nutrition, this should be an easy task. Read the article on ‘Everyday healthy eating for active individuals’ to learn more.


After months of preparation, the race day draws closer. You will need to include carbohydrate rich foods in your diet for two days before the race. Your final pre-run main meal should be consumed 2 – 4 hours before, while additional snacks may be added in the two hours leading up to the race. This is the time when it’s vital to ensure that your body has enough fuel to be at its strongest during the session. The ideal pre-race meal is high in low gIycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat. If you are prone to tummy issues during exercise it is also advisable to lower the fibre content. Remember to start your run properly hydrated. For more tips visit:

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The cheering crowd and your personal fan club of supporters along the way will most definitely help to keep you motivated, however, when you’re 60 – 90 minutes into the race, you will require a to top up of your carbohydrate (energy) stores to prevent glycogen depletion and “hitting the wall”. Planned fluid intake is also essential as even 1% dehydration can affect your performance. For the ins and outs of fluid intake during exercise visit

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The uphills conquered, the downhills celebrated. The times when you’ve convinced yourself to give up and pushed yourself even harder instead. Endurance running certainly takes its toll on your body (and mind).

Good nutrition after a run will assist in returning your body to its pre-run state. This will help you to get maximum physical and performance benefits out of your run and protect your immune system. Aim to consume a combination of carbohydrate (to replenish energy) and protein (to repair muscles) in a ratio of about 3-4:1. To learn more about recovery nutrition visit.

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Remember that rehydration is also very important, get started by mixing your FUTURELIFE® HIGH PROTEIN Smart food™ with a generous serving of fresh water or milk.

You’ve put in all the hard work with your training, now make sure you fuel your body the right way so that you have what it takes to perform at your best.


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