Myrette Filmalter – Long Distance Runner

What is a future, when one can have the benefits of making a future starting with a great meal every morning.
During the last year, I benefitted each day by starting with a great filling breakfast. I discovered that It is very light on my stomach, which means I can still compete at a big event after having a bowl of FUTURELIFE®.
The variety of choices for flavors and textures ranging from crunchy to smooth appearances made every meal one of great excitement.
With a busy schedule, when my day is filled with hard work, and I have had to train afterwards, FUTURELIFE®gave me a quick resolution to add it as snack in between meals. I enjoyed FUTURELIFE®, as it not only filled me, but also gave me the necessary proteins required for speedy recovery. FUTURELIFE®’s unique ingredients also supported my immunity and gave me a vitamin boost. I really enjoyed how filling it is and the variety of ways that one can use the product.
Thank you for the benefit of using FUTURELIFE®this year! I am privileged and honored to have the enjoyment of starting each day with FUTURELIFE®!
Myrette Filmalter

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