I won the 12 week “Physique” challenge thanks to my inclusion of FUTURELIFE®

Good morning
I would just like to send a testimonial about what your product has done for me.
I am a 35 year old single mother of the most amazing 7year old little boy.
I am a qualified personal trainer and exercise enthusiast! I am mad about functional training and mixed martial arts.
Recently our gym embarked on a 12 week challenge. Majority of the entrants participate for weight loss, but there was a small division for people like me, who are average in weight, train consistently and already appreciate the value of healthy living. This division was labelled “Physique.” As I already mentioned, I do train, every day and I train hard. But this has always been more a passion and not results driven. So as this challenge started, I teamed up with my friend, who agreed to change my training regime and work with me.
FUTURELIFE® sponsored sachets as part of the sign up kit. I started on my one week supply adding protein powder and milk. I very quickly became addicted to this early morning meal and bought my own boxes of FUTURELIFE®. I am very lucky that as some one that is already passionate about training, I began to see results very quickly. But I must say, I also have studied nutrition, I work with a lot of MMA athletes with my sole responsibility being weight cuts and rehydration. So I also have a deep understanding of the role nutrition plays in weight management.
I knew FUTURELIFE® to be very calorie dense and resisted including it in my meal plans, until this challenge. The results, I could FEEL immediately! I metabolise this product very well and the results the nutrition provided had me working harder.
So basically, I finished the challenge, won the physique and decided that your product had a lot to do with the results I achieved.
In a world where people are quick to complain, it is a pleasure for me to compliment the FUTURELIFE® product. Attached is a pic from my final photo shoot.
Congratulations on a winning product!
Warm Regards
Casey Thomson
Functional Fitness Trainer

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