How FUTURELIFE® changed my life

Hi am Nantus Grobler I’m 15 years old, I want to tell you how FUTURELIFE® changed my life.
I am a homeschooled student from PTA. Sport has always been my passion . Since grade 3 , I started putting on a lot of weight and struggled in sport.
Then last year in May 2012 I was introduced to this product FUTURELIFE®. Since I got a sample I grew fond of it, now it’s almost all I eat. In the first week I ate FUTURELIFE® for every meal and started feeling energized and wanted to start jogging and play sport again. I weighed 105kg when I started , 4 months later I lost 28kg.
I started focusing on tennis which is a sport I fell in love with since I was small and watched Nadal play. I told my dad I’m going to be playing at Wimbledon one day and thanks to FUTURELIFE®I feel confident that I can achieve my goal. Just before the holiday I played my first tournament and came in 4 place. Thanks to the confidence FUTURELIFE® gave me my tennis ranking fell from the 1000s to 155 for boys under 16.
Not only do I look good but I feel, think and perform Excellent because of use FUTURELIFE® daily. FUTURELIFE® gave me the opportunity to follow my dream again and become a pro tennis player and a excellent athlete.
Because of FUTURELIFE® giving me back my dream and desire I would like to be one of the young sports ambassador for the product. I would like to recommend FUTURELIFE® to everyone, to improve their daily lives physical and mentally.
Nantus Grobler.

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