How FUTURELIFE® helped me win my 2nd consecutive Two Oceans Half marathon title

Whoever ran or supported the Two Oceans Half Marathon runners would know the day starts really early. We, as athletes, wake up at 3h00 to be ready to leave at 3h30 to the start even though the race only starts at 6h00.

I make myself FUTURELIFE® at 4h00 because I need to eat 2 hours prior to my race. FUTURELIFE® helps my stomach settle because if you eat the wrong cereal or food before your race your legs will not be the only thing that will do the running.

Racing any distance over 10km you need balanced nutrition to keep your energy levels moderate and not spike or drop during the race.

FUTURELIFE® gives me that extra advantage with all the essential nutrients in one meal and it helps me perform at a level that I can be my best.

Irvette van Zyl


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