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Many athletes are feeling that they need to perform better and work harder than before which makes them feel overwhelmed and stressed. Stress can cause many physical and psychological problems and more and more people would like to solve them in a natural way.


This revolutionary brain training is like going to gym for your brain! Why just train your body if you can also train your brain. At the EQ Advantedge Center we specialize in helping people train and normalize their brainwaves. After assessing the brain with help of a QEEG we formulate a training plan that is tailor made for each client. During the training we use sensors that are placed on the client’s scalp. The sensors stimulate the brain with the correct brainwave frequency whilst the client sits in front of a computer screen that gives permanent feedback. If the client’s brain is in the correct brainwave frequency the program on the screen runs smoothly. However, if the client’s brain is not in the right frequency, e.g. losing concentration, the program gives the client immediate feedback by closing the screen down, blocking the audio and changing the screen to a grey color. The stimulation and constant feedback trains the brain to function optimally. A number of training sessions are needed to help the brain keep those changes and to create new, desirable pathways. The exiting fact is that the brain can be trained and can change.

Great results have been seen with:

  • Peak performance in athletes and executives: the clients felt calmer, stress free, able to perform better in stressful situations, think quicker, make better decisions, feel more in control and have a better memory.
  • ADD/ ADHD: often children didn’t need medication any more, were able to improve their marks remarkably, could concentrate longer, finished their tasks quicker, were calmer, happier and more emotionally mature.
  • Memory problems: the short term memory was improved, words and names could be remembered better and the concentration was enhanced.
  • Anxiety: a calmer, happier feeling set in after a few sessions and clients felt more in control.
  • Depression: clients felt happier, more motivated and energized and reported a better self-esteem.
  • Sleeping problems: new sleeping patterns were set, the brain was calmed down, the constant thoughts stopped and the clients could fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and longer.
  • Brain injuries: clients reported that their speech, motor movements, memory, concentration and emotions improved. After a scan it was even found that the brain could be repaired by up to 90%.

Neurofeedback/brain training can be done from age 5-99. It is fun, can be permanent and without side effects. Start training your brain now and feel great! For more information visit

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