Eating Plans

Our dieticians have put together a range of evidence-based eating plans that address a variety of nutritional needs, activity levels and fitness ambitions.

Please take note that these meal plans serve as guidance for a healthy lifestyle and should be adjusted according to your own personal needs and requirements. For something more specific to your own personal requirements we would encourage you to visit a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation of your current nutritional status. Should you be following a specialized diet or have any food allergies, we encourage you to still read the labels of the foods mentioned in the meal plans to ensure it aligns to your needs, due to the fact that many products may be manufactured in factories with other ingredients and you may have a preferred brand of choice.


While ancient grains have in fact been around for centuries, they are very new to many a modern man. The reason for this is that over the years convenience has become king; wholegrains have become refined, faster-growing higher yielding wheats have generally taken over. Products can now stay ‘fresh’ with the use of preservatives, and […]

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