Lara De Santana

Having qualified as a registered Dietician in 2010 from the University of Pretoria, Lara found her career starting off in the community setting of a district hospital. It was here that her passion for nutrition truly ignited, although she was in a clinical setting where treatment was key, lifestyle and health education supporting disease prevention was her forte’, and being able to equip individuals with nutrition knowledge that they could take to their families and communities was the most gratifying privilege.

From there she moved into an outpatient role where she dealt exclusively with patients who had HIV/AIDs as well as their many comorbidities. This gave her firsthand experience of the daily obstacles many South Africans face in trying to provide the best for their families, and how hungry for knowledge many are.

This ultimately led her straight into the hands of FUTURELIFE® in 2012, where she not only finds this brand to align directly with her interests and morals, she also feels they offer a platform to educate as well as make a difference in the lives of many.

She now heads up the FUTURELIFE® Dietician team nationally as Head Dietician.

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