Which FUTURELIFE® products can I use if I have diabetes?

For those living with Diabetes, choosing the right food in the right amounts is often a source of worry. Not only will these choices affect your blood glucose readings and how well you feel, but they’ll also need to fit into your daily life as seamlessly as possible. Low GI, high fibre, portion controlled foods are a priority when it comes to managing your diet in Diabetes. Certain FUTURELIFE® products not only ensure that these needs are met while providing a food that is as nutrient dense, balanced, and convenient as possible, but also boasts a range of ‘Diabetes-friendly’ endorsements. Below is a table highlighting these products to put your mind at ease.

Which products can I use?

FUTURELIFE® High Energy Smart Food™



These products are endorsed by Diabetes South Africa (DSA) as well as the GI Foundation of South Africa (GIFSA).2, 3


These products all have a low glycaemic index (GI) which means that the carbohydrates will be absorbed at a slower rate which results in a steady rise in blood sugar levels. A high GI food on the other hand will result in a rapid rise in blood sugar levels as the carbohydrate and sugar content is absorbed quickly.1 This product along with the 2 below provides 100% of all the vitamins and most of the minerals that you need daily per 100g of product (according to NRVs). In addition to that, all 5 products listed contain MODUCARE® for additional immune support.4
FUTURELIFE® High Protein Smart Food™ This product also has a low glycaemic load (GL) with a 75g serving. GL takes the quantity of carbohydrates into account in addition to how quickly the carbohydrates are absorbed (GI). If you are diabetic you should always aim to eat low GI and low GL foods.3, 4.
FUTURELIFE® ZERO This product contains zero added cane sugar and is therefore not as sweet as the previous 2 products which some people prefer. It also has a much higher dietary fibre content compared to the previous two and will therefore assist with satiety (feeling of fullness).4
FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™s This product is endorsed by GIFSA as it is a low GI food.


These are milk-based drinks which are formulated to contain 50 essential nutrients including 20 vitamins and minerals and 18 amino acids. They also have a 23% energy contribution from protein and are available in 3 delicious flavours.4
FUTURELIFE® High Protein LITE Smartbar This Smart Bar contains a mere 7 or 8g of carbohydrates per bar (depending on the flavour) and is therefore great for diabetics who prefer to keep their carb intake low.4


They are also ultra-convenient and can be kept in your handbag, car or desk drawer to prevent long periods of not eating which will assist in blood sugar control.

FUTURELIFE®High Energy Smartbar This bar has a high GI and is only suitable in the case of HYPOGLYCAEMIC EPISODES. A high GI food means that the sugar content will be absorbed and assist in rising blood sugar levels back to normal. Keep this bar in your handbag or car as a precautionary measure for such hypoglycaemic emergencies. It is extremely important to prevent your blood sugar levels dropping so drastically as it causes great damage. Be vigilant with your medication and eating regular healthy meals, and snacks if necessary.

What If my sugar levels are uncontrolled?

Choose products that are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein as these products have the lowest GI which will provide a more gradual and steady rise in blood sugar levels. Such products include FUTURELIFE® High Protein Smart Food™ and FUTURELIFE® High Protein LITE Smartbar.

What if I need to lose weight?

If weight management is a concern then it is preferred to mix the desired product with water instead of with milk. If one would like to add milk instead (preferably fat free), the powder portion of the meal needs to be decreased. Low GI foods are known to help increase satiety and assist in weight management, therefore FUTURELIFE® High Energy Smart Food™, ZERO or High Protein Smart Food™ are the products of choice here. However, the other products may be enjoyed in controlled portions and with the addition of milk to assist in the lowering of GI. (Recommended serving size: 40-50g)


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