#UFOSA sighting, crash site is an elaborate marketing campaign by FUTURELIFE®, Clover

Twitter was in a state of confusion over the past weekend in South Africa, when people started reporting UFO sightings around the country. Images and videos, along with the hashtag #UFOSA, caught what appeared to be a green light hovering over Sandton, Johannesburg as well as parts of Cape Town and Durban.

While theorists suggested it to be part of a marketing campaign for HSBC Cape Town Sevens to take place in December, others naturally pointed to aliens. Now that South Africans have finally discovered the “crash site”, it seems we have finally uncovered the truth.

Source: http://memeburn.com/2015/12/ufosa-sighting-crash-site-is-an-elaborate-marketing-campaign-by-futurelife-clover/?utm_source=twitterfeed