Sugar Statement

FUTURELIFE® Sugar Statement:

FUTURELIFE® Smart Food™ contains only 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar per recommended serving size, and with the “Smartness” of its low GI formulation, it provides a gradual rise in blood sugar levels and sustained energy. Now that’s smart!

The World Health Organisation recommendation:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a reduced intake of added sugars throughout one’s life. In both adults and children, the WHO recommends reducing the intake of added sugars to less than 10% of the total daily energy intake. (This is a strong recommendation).

This equates to no more than 50g of added (or ‘free’) sugars which equates to 12.5 teaspoons per day.

But what is free or added sugar?

  • Free sugars – include monosaccharides (single sugar units such as glucose and fructose) and disaccharides (two single units joined together such as sucrose) added to foods and beverages by the manufacturer, cook or consumer, and sugars naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates.

And other sugars?

These are sugars naturally present in food/drink:

  • Intrinsic sugars – intact fruit and vegetables
  • Milk sugars – lactose and galactose

Sugar listed in a Nutrient table on packaging

The ‘sugar’ listed on a packaging label is typically the Total sugar present in the product, therefore:

Naturally present sugars + Added (Free) sugars = Total Sugar

Where does FUTURELIFE® Smart Food™ fit into these recommendations?

FUTURELIFE® Smart Food™provides 15.8 g of Total sugar per 100g, and only 7.9 g per serving.


Why do some FUTURELIFE® products contain sugar?

At FUTURELIFE®, we believe in making it as easy as possible to make healthy food choices and have formulated our products in such that way that the sugar is already included into the recipe at appropriate levels (thus eliminating the need or temptation to add additional teaspoons of sugar during eating, which is often the case with many products).

Perhaps more importantly than the sugar alone in our products, is the way our formulation uniquely combines carbohydrates (including sugar), fibre, fats and protein ensuring that the energy consumed from our meals is released slowly into the body thus reducing sugar spikes.

Our Commitment to you through the responsible use of sugar

  1. We are committed to using sugar responsibly in our product ranges:
    • Responsible consideration of added sugar in products that would not contribute excessively to daily allowance.
    • Include added sugar in appropriate levels that will ensure an acceptable sweet taste for the consumer, resulting in the consumer not adding additional sugar to the product at the point of home preparation.
    • Declare accurate Total Sugar and Added Sugar content (sucrose) in Nutritional Table on packaging.
    • Educate the consumer on:
      • Portion control
      • Healthy eating guidelines
  2. Producing products with no added cane sugar:
    • FUTURELIFE® Zero Smart Food™
    • FUTURELIFE® Zero WITH Oats™