Feeding a family can be really hard, especially when you have a fussy toddler, an active teen, busy husband and of course dearly beloved grandmother all under one roof. It’s difficult to find meals that cater to all their different nutritional needs. Let’s take a look at the nutritional requirements of different life cycles and how one meal can cater to all needs.


Early childhood includes infancy and the toddler years, but let’s focus on ages one to three years. Apart from the physical change such as the child getting bigger, there are emotional changes as well. Children’s attitudes and opinions about food develop. At this time it is very crucial to develop good eating habits. These good habits develop by watching the adults around them. Parents can reinforce good habits and introduce healthy foods to the diet. One such food is FUTURELIFE® Smart food™. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is nutritionally dense and can be enjoyed by all members of the family so it is a great way to introduce a family meal idea to your toddler.


As children leave the toddler years and enter the school going age of four to eight years, their nutritional needs change as well. School-aged children grow consistently, but at a slower rate than toddlers. Their food choices are often influenced by peers at school and what is available to them in the lunch box.

At this age there is an increase in muscle mass and strength because motor skills need to improve. Keeping up with school work, sports and play requires a lot of energy therefore they have a high energy demand. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is high in energy and low GI which means it provides sustained energy levels giving school aged children all the energy they need to get through the day.


At the beginning of the teen year we have puberty. A fun time when voices deepen and fathers become more protective of their daughters. Due to the many physical changes that happen at this stage it very important to provide all the macro and micronutrients teenagers need.

Due to all the muscles growing, the need for protein during puberty is 10 to 30 percent of daily energy. It can sometimes be difficult for children to get in enough protein. In addition to energy FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ provides all the macronutrients carbohydrates, proteins and fats in all the right percentages to support adequate growth.

Once puberty ends then the attitude of the teens start. Teenagers are much more independent than their younger siblings. Teenagers start having more meals outside the home and snacking becomes a big thing. They want fast and easy and most of the time these “fast foods” are often not healthy. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is convenient and versatile. It requires no cooking, can be mixed with water or milk or added into trendy smoothies. So, the teenagers can still be on the go but healthy at the same time.


Being an adult is hard enough without having to worry about nutrition but unfortunately what you put in your body is still crucial even when you are a “grown up”. At this stage of life you practise a bit of preventative nutrition so that you can keep going with your climb up the corporate ladder.

It is important at this age to support gut function to help prevent digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhoea. For good gut health you need a good intake of fibre. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is high in fibre and prebiotics such as inulin, which stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and leads to a better functioning digestive system. Another nutrient to consider is Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 can help to prevent coronary artery disease later in life. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.


Then the golden years roll in. From above 50 years onwards requirements change again. By now you are set in your nutritional ways and it is very difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. But, there is one important aspect of health you can’t ignore. An elderly individual’s immune system is often not as good as in the old days. It becomes more difficult to fight off infections. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ contains MODUCARE® which is a patented blend of plant sterol and sterolins and can help modulate the immune system making your immunity a little stronger.


Life and the changing stages can be very difficult to keep up with but FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ can provide a smart food for complete nutrition at all stages of the life from 4 years onwards. FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ is not only a nutritious addition to your grocery cupboard, but its also cost effective because you can purchase one item in bulk for the whole family to enjoy.