FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™


FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™ is a convenient, great tasting, low-fat dairy drink that makes the perfect meal or snack for any on-the-go lifestyle.

Flavours: Milky Chocolate, Strawberry & Banana, Vanilla Caramel,

Pack Sizes: 250ml,

What makes FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™ so Smart?

Unique Benefits

  • FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™ contains 50 essential nutrients including carbohydrates, protein (milk and soya protein) providing 23% energy contribution, 18 amino acids, dietary fibre and 20 vitamins and minerals.
  • It is a source of electrolytes, which together with fluids, assist in rehydration.
  • It’s great for muscle refueling and recovery after training. This combination of carbohydrates and protein is ideal to replenish your muscle’s glycogen stores after strength or endurance training. A unique blend of dairy and soya proteins provides a sustainable source of protein over longer periods of time for optimal muscle repair and refueling.
  • It has a low Glycaemic Index (GI), releasing sustained energy over a longer period of time, keeping you fuller for longer and assisting in blood glucose management.
  • You can enjoy it at any time! It could be had as a meal or snack throughout the day, or as a post exercise snack to replenish lost energy.


Who can use it?

It’s perfect for the whole family including anyone over one year of age, active individuals as well as professional athletes.


The GI Foundation of South Africa (GIFSA) (Classified as an “often food”), Diabetes South Africa (DSA), Halaal and Kosher.

Good to Know

Available in the refrigerated section in store.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy it as an on-the-go meal or snack!

Due to the dairy component, the product should be kept refrigerated.

Recommended Serving

250 ml Bottle


Soya, Cow’s Milk

Naturally Free From

Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Trans-Fatty Acids.

Free From



Water, Milk, Maize, Milk Protein Concentrate, Polydextrose, Isolated Soy Protein, Cocoa powder (milky chocolate variant only), Vitamins (Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin E, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12), Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Iron (III) Pyrophosphate, Zinc Citrate, Sodium Selenite Anhydrous, Chromium Chloride), Stabiliser, Flavourings, Acidity Regulator, Salt, Colourants (Strawberry Banana, Milky Chocolate variants only)

Nutritional Table