Pregnancy: Are You Eating for Two?


Whether you are constantly starving, queasy, constipated or have permanent heartburn, food will be something that consumes your mind when you are pregnant. Mostly because these very symptoms will be related to your eating habits. People that have never been pregnant will not understand what it feels like to be continuously ravenous or feel so sick that you cannot stand the thought of food, but only begin to feel human a few seconds after something enters your mouth. Craving fruit that is not in season or hating your husband for just having the ability to eat meat becomes part of your daily life. The list of “unique” experiences are endless, but there is one thing all pregnant women have in common: we are part of a process, a small miracle, the beginning of a life and are responsible for keeping another tiny human healthy.


“Eating for two” becomes an excuse that pregnant women use to explain their eating behaviours, because we find it difficult to explain to other people what we are going through. Sometimes it is just a way of saying “leave me alone”, and that is completely acceptable.

You are so tired in your first trimester that you feel like a power station has been plugged into your power source, relying on your body to supply energy to it. Late first trimester and throughout your second trimester “the starvation mode” kicks in. You want to consume anything and everything that you see because you are always hungry! You are not trying to be funny, unhealthy or silly, you are just hungry, all the time. In your third trimester you may feel like a replica of an elephant roaming in your own home, but you still need to eat, no matter how “full” you may think you look.


pregnancy2Going through a pregnancy myself, I completely understand the use of this phrase, but not the same way the world has agreed to use it – as an excuse for unhealthy overeating during pregnancy. During pregnancy you are undoubtedly going to eat a slightly larger volume of food, we have established that you will be hungrier than you were pre-pregnancy, but now we will discuss what it really means to be eating for two.

When you do something with someone else or for someone else you become slightly more thoughtful, more careful and less daring. Let’s use driving as an example, as soon as you have a few kids on the back seat and your mother next to you, you stick to the speed limit and keep an extra eye on the other drivers’ actions. This is exactly what eating for two means when you are pregnant.

You should become more cautious about dietary choices because of your obligation towards your baby’s health. You think twice before consuming foods that may be detrimental to your baby and you try to select foods that will have health benefits for your baby. Consider that rough day when you ended up having a quick high-sugar breakfast cereal in the morning, a convenient take-away for lunch and some fast food for dinner… You may have eaten to fill your stomach, but you have basically starved your baby of nutrients. When you start “eating for two” awareness of your baby’s needs will help you to make better choices. For more on good nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding visit:


Now you understand that you are eating for two. You are the only one responsible for giving your baby the nutrients that he or she needs to grow and develop. The same applies to gaining too much or too little weight. Eating too much and gaining too much weight during pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your body as well as your baby and could contribute to long term complications. You need to make sure that everything you eat is beneficial for your own health and the health of your baby. You are eating to benefit two!


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Iron requirements increase during pregnancy due to the increase in a mother’s blood supply. FUTURELIFE® HIGH ENERGY Smart food™, FUTURELIFE® HIGH PROTEIN Smart food™ and FUTURELIFE® ZERO Smart food™ are high in iron as well as Vitamin C, which help to increase the absorption of Iron.

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