Location: South Africa

SA Rowing Elite (HPC)


The Rowing South Africa (ROWSA) Elite Squad is a centralised rorogram based at the High Performance Centre (HPC), University of Pretoria. Here we have established a comprehensive and athlete-focused coaching and sport science support system, working with the best rowers in South Africa. The major purpose of this programme is to deliver medals at major international regattas, including Olympic Games, annual World Cup and World Championship regattas, at senior and U23 level.

We have a squad of twenty-five (25) athletes in various boat classes with fifteen (15) international level rowers, including six (6) 2012 Olympians (the four Olympic gold medallists are among these) and four (4) U23 World Championship medallists.

In addition, the programme is headed up by a group of experienced South African coaches and works with a motivated sports science and medicine support team focused on delivering on our goals by establishing and refining a serious high performance sporting plan which in internationally competitive and locally feasible.

Q & A

How did you discover FUTURELIFE®?
On the recommendation of an athlete we contacted the sales representatives and our partnership grew.

How do you incorporate FUTURELIFE® on a daily basis?
Most of our athletes take 50-100g of FUTURELIFE® alone as a cereal or porridge, mixed to desired consistency with milk, water or both. Some add it to muesli or other personal favourite breakfast cereals for variety. Now and then they will have it as a blended shake, sometimes blended together with fruit or peanut butter, milk and/or water.

Most often our athletes consume FUTURELIFE® as part of their first meal/intake early in the morning, prior to their first session. It is light enough and filling enough to sustain them and well-tolerated before training. Many of the athletes will use it after sessions also as the first form of recovery nutrition.

How do you feel about FUTURELIFE® as a brand and how would you describe it to others?
The preparation of high performance rowers involves, amongst other aspects, significant training time, and consequently a reliance on optimal energy, adaptation and recovery. We make use of a variety of strategies as part of our support plan, but one of the major pillars is optimal nutrition. More specifically, quality and appropriate meals, nutrition education and sensible nutritional supplementation form the mainstay of our approach.

Our squad has made use of FUTURELIFE® products during preparation and competition periods for two seasons now. We regard it as useful for its quality of content and convenience of use. We recognize the reports from our rowers and other athletes supporting the use of the products. FUTURELIFE® is now a consistent part of our athletes’ nutrition and preparation.