Location: Durban

Dominique Mann


Current South African, and African Aerobic Gymnastics Champion.

Q & A

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you?
My training shoes, iPad and a box of chocolate FUTURELIFE® of course!

Favourite quote or words that you live by:
Think training is hard… Try losing…

In your opinion, what makes a good food choice?
Whether it is for performance or weight loss, weight gain or just a normal healthy lifestyle. A good meal needs to take care of your daily nutritional needs.

How did you discover FUTURELIFE®?
I saw the benefits that FUTURELIFE® had on other professional athletes and wanted to try it for myself.

How long have you been using FUTURELIFE® products for?
I started using FUTURELIFE® a few weeks before African Champs in December 2012.

How do you incorporate FUTURELIFE® into your diet?
I have FUTURELIFE® first thing in the morning. I also use it straight after hard sessions to help my body to recover.

What is your favourite way to eat FUTURELIFE®?
I have my FUTURELIFE® in a shake with water. On a cheat day, I make myself a FUTURELIFE® milkshake. Try it!

How do you feel about FUTURELIFE® as a brand and how would you describe it to others?
FUTURELIFE® is an amazing brand that targets both professional athletes and the every day hard worker. They do a great job on educating people to live a healthy lifestyle, Hence the brand name FUTURELIFE®. It’s easy for me to describe FUTURELIFE® to other people, who wouldn’t want to use such a fantastic product.