Location: Nationwide

DJ Milkshake


His name might be linked to South African hip hop, but DJ Milkshake has graduated beyond the genre to become a master of any dancefloor. His ability to read and rock any crowd, anywhere is what has made him one of Africa’s top-rated entertainers.

Milkshake has devoted the last ten years to honing his DJ skills and conquering dancefloors at the country’s top-rated clubs, parties and festivals. Leading national radio station, 5FM, snapped him up in 2010 and every Friday night from 22h00 to 01h00 he quenches SA’s thirst for club-rocking sounds on ‘The Shakedown’.

With a steady-eyed focus and beats that rock any party, Milkshake has earned his place amongst the country’s top entertainers. In his exciting new role as a record label owner and artists you can be certain that the best is yet to come from this future-facing talent.

Achievements/Honours (In summary):

  • 2007 – He was a finalist in Go-TV’s National DJ Competition, Runner up on Hennessey’s Artistry’s National DJ Competition
  • 2009 – He won the top spot in News Café’s National DJ competition
  • 2010 – Leading national radio station 5FM snapped him up
  • 2013 – He took on the role of producer with the first single on his newly established record label, ‘Living on the Edge’, a collaboration between award-winning beatboxer George Avakian and highly-regarded emcee, AKA, smashed the charts receiving airplay on all the biggest local stations all over Africa.
  • 2013/14 – He was selected as the face and DJ of Castle Lite’s Summer TV Campaign