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According to the dictionary the word “snack” means “a small portion of food or drink or light meal, especially eaten between regular meals”. Snack comes from the word snap that means bite. So in essence, snacking means a bite of something small? Based on this, how many of us can actually say we are really snacking correctly? Over the years our snacking has turned into stuffing. The fact that you are not hungry is not going to stop you from eating, at least make sure it is healthy, small, filling, and will not keep you awake for the rest of the night.


  • Raw fruit and vegetables – these will always be at the top of the list. Cucumber and carrot sticks, tomato or apple wedges with some low fat cottage cheese or hummus as a dip will give you the perfect balanced small meal that will keep you full and healthy.
  • Smoothies – fruit and yoghurt smoothie with some nuts are always good. For delicious FUTURELIFE® smoothie recipes, follow this link
  • Whole wheat toast/crackers with avocado – you can also replace the avocado with cheese and cucumber or some marmite
  • Do dairy- yoghurt or a glass of milk are great easy late night snacks
  • Popcorn – if you feel like something crunchy rather eat homemade lightly salted popcorn instead of crisps
  • Dark chocolate – for the sweet tooth (in moderation)
  • Dried fruit and nuts – keep it to the amount you can keep in a closed hand
  • FUTURELIFE® High Protein LITE SmartBar
  • Biltong – something meaty, remember to not eat more than half a cup of already cut biltong


Remember that a snack is not a meal. You should only consume a small amount of the above mentioned snacks. Always first drink a glass of water if you feel peckish, thirst is often misinterpreted for hunger, resulting in you eating unnecessarily. If you know you get hungry during the night or just before you go to bed, make sure you prepare yourself a snack in advance. This will prevent you from randomly eating anything your eyes meet, unplanned eating usually results in overconsumption of unhealthy convenient foods. Try nature’s convenient foods first. For more great ideas follow the links below.

As a late night snack, FUTURELIFE® powdered products can be added to a small smoothie, or you can have a FUTURELIFE® High Protein LITA SmartBar or FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™.



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