FUTURELIFE® Behind Green Lights in South African Skies

All that talk of UFOs and such turned out to be a marketing campaign by Clover SA and FUTURELIFE® promoting their new Smart Drink™.
Clover and FUTURELIFE® have confirmed that the UFO sighting in Cape Town on Saturday, was a marketing stunt to launch their new Smart Drink™, according to MyBroadband.
Culminating in the crash site in Sandton, which caused traffic backlog as curious motorists slowed down to catch a glimpse of the crash landing.
While twitter was abuzz with weird theories including one who uploaded a YouTube video suggesting the lights are inter-dimensional portals, now we know!

Source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2015/12/02/FUTURELIFE®-behind-green-lights-in-South-African-Skies