News – World’s first ‘flash’ glucose monitoring system now in South Africa

By Dr Larry Distiller
 Specialist Physician / Endocrinologist, CDE Houghton, Johannesburg The availability of a ‘Flash’ blood glucose monitoring system in South Africa has launched a new and exciting chapter in the field of home glucose monitoring for diabetes. This hi-tech system, first introduced in Europe, has revolutionised the way people with type 1 diabetes
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Breastfeeding and HIV: Myths and Facts

HIV is a significant issue in our country, with an estimated 7 million South Africans living with the virus1. Many pregnant, HIV-positive women out there, are wondering whether or not it is safe to breastfeed their children. They have probably heard a number of different things – coming from a whole bunch of people, like
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Brought to you by FUTURELIFE® While eating healthy in theory is easy to do, applying it practically in our lives is far from. With our busy schedules, daily demands and ‘can do’ attitudes, we’re finding ourselves trying to fit more into our 24 hours than ever before, often neglecting the simple but important task of
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