• Andrea Kellerman


    Andrea Kellerman

    (B.A., H.E.D., Psych Hon, Med. Psych., NF Practitioner, Adv. Dip. Hyp., Practice number: 791953, Member of S.A.M.H.F. (SA Modern Hypnotherapy Foundation), training validated by GHsc (General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of Great Britain)

    Andrea is an educational Psychologist in private practice. She has formerly worked as a qualified teacher and has lectured and taught children and adults at school, college and university level. After having studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback, she worked in hospitals, a crisis centre and private practice where she has helped many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, eating disorders, concentration problems, ADD/ADHD, people who needed to stop smoking, lose weight and reduce phobias.

    Furthermore, Andrea has helped many athletes to increase their sporting performance, achieving great success. Andrea was a member of the German National Vaulting team when she was younger and has won many titles, such as first places in German, International, Open American Championships and second places in the European and World Championships. Her sporting career and studies in the fields of Psychology, Biokinetics and Human Movement Science have given her unique knowledge and insight to work with and helped many athletes to achieve outstanding results such as winning the Duzi, gold medals in National and international golf, gymnastics, swimming, cycling, BMX and Triathlon events and winning rugby and soccer games.

    She is the co- founder of the EQ Advantedge Course and has worked hard to get the course to as many schools and children as possible.

    Andrea has written numerous articles for different magazines and newspapers, such as the Sunday Times, Weigh-less Magazine, East Coast Radio Lifestyle Magazine, Breathe Magazine and many others. She has been interviewed by national and international radio and TV programs for the last 20 years. Furthermore, she has given educational talks in different settings and is actively involved in growing the field of Neurofeedback, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Angie Leach


    Angie Leach

    Angie is a registered dietician, having completed her BSC. Dietetics (honours) at the University of the Free State in 2011. After just a year of working in a clinical setting at Grey Hospital, she joined FUTURELIFE® as the Eastern Cape dietician in 2013.

    Angie feels working for FUTURELIFE® has allowed her to explore and become far more knowledgeable in her favourite areas of nutrition and sports. She loves working with such a dynamic brand and team, and all the learning that comes with it.

    She believes that healthy eating and exercise will do far more for you than any diet. It’s all about lifestyle.

    Angie is based in the Eastern Cape.

  • Ashleigh Smith


    Ashleigh Smith

    Ashleigh’s passion for nutrition and health started at a young age, as being active and leading a healthy lifestyle was always a priority for her.

    With her love of food and interest in health, a degree in Nutrition was the perfect fit. Having graduated from the University of Cape Town with BSc in Human Biosciences, she went on to study a Medical honours in Nutrition and Dietetics and graduated as a Registered Dietician in 2010.

    After graduating, Ashleigh completed her community service at Barberton Regional hospital in Mpumalanga where her love for clinical nutrition and education was born.

    She moved to Durban, where she worked at St Mary’s Hospital as well within the supplement industry. Ashleigh feels she’s also gained invaluable business management experience in further working within a nutrition based tech company, as well as consulting to private clients.

    Ashleigh has always been interested in combining business, evidence based nutritional principles and education, and believes joining the dynamic team of FUTURELIFE® dieticians, helps her achieve these goals.

    Ashleigh is based in the Western Cape.

  • Danielle Roberts


    Danielle Roberts

    I am a qualified chef (City & Guilds) and a registered dietician,(UKZN), completing my honours internship for Post-graduate Dietetics at various government hospitals in KZN. I was awarded the Africa Food Systems Scholarship award, and the Russell Trophy for Top Dietetics Student 2004 & 2005, and received a scholarship in 2006 for excellence in studies.

    I moved into the private hospital sector, working for catering companies designing menus, training hospital staff and counselling patients on diet needs. In 2009, I opened a private practice which I am currently doing, as well as consulting with various corporate companies on health and wellness days, and consulting with the Sharks Rugby team.

    ‘You are what you eat’ is a motto I believe in. Good nutrition as part of your daily lifestyle helps create peak physical form and better health. Eating correctly for your body can get you to your goals; and improve your quality of life.

  • Elizda Hanekom


    Elizda Hanekom

    Elizda’s love for food has always been perceptible. She loves that food defines cultures and brings friends and families together. She loves the way it makes you feel and that it shapes the way we look, but most importantly that food can heal people. Her love for food is what brought her to the University of Pretoria where she completed a Bachelor in Dietetics in the year 2014.

    She completed her community service year at Dr. George Mukhari Academic Hospital where she gained experience in medical and paediatric in-patients and HIV, diabetics, weight-loss, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and paediatric out-patients. She stayed on at this hospital for an additional 6 months were she worked with neonatal ICU, paediatrics surgery and paediatric oncology patients. Her love for children and keen interest to make a difference made her work extremely rewarding.

    Elizda loves being a dietitian as this broad field offers many different opportunities. She enjoys working with and helping people to make better food choices to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Her special interests include paediatrics, weight-loss, sugars and sweeteners.

    She recently joined the dynamic FUTURELIFE® team as a dietician where she will be covering Johannesburg East and West Rand as well as the Free State.

  • Lara De Santana


    Lara De Santana

    Having qualified as a registered Dietician in 2010 from the University of Pretoria, Lara found her career starting off in the community setting of a district hospital. It was here that her passion for nutrition truly ignited, although she was in a clinical setting where treatment was key, lifestyle and health education supporting disease prevention was her forte’, and being able to equip individuals with nutrition knowledge that they could take to their families and communities was the most gratifying privilege.

    From there she moved into an outpatient role where she dealt exclusively with patients who had HIV/AIDs as well as their many comorbidities. This gave her firsthand experience of the daily obstacles many South Africans face in trying to provide the best for their families, and how hungry for knowledge many are.

    This ultimately led her straight into the hands of FUTURELIFE® in 2012, where she not only finds this brand to align directly with her interests and morals, she also feels they offer a platform to educate as well as make a difference in the lives of many.

    She now heads up the FUTURELIFE® Dietician team nationally as Head Dietician.

  • Nicola Wilken


    Nicola Wilken

    As a child Nicola loved gardening, and in particular enjoyed knowing that by eating certain foods you could potentially cure nutrition-related deficiencies. This initial interest is what lead her to study dietetics at the University of Pretoria.

    She completed her community service in 2015 in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal and was exposed to a whole new take on how dietetics is practiced, especially when working with severely disadvantaged communities. During this time, her passion for education developed and flourished and she then realised that this was her calling. Her interest in diabetes also developed during this time and she hopes to someday specialise in this field.

    She joined FUTURELIFE® at the beginning of 2016 as a Dietician in the Johannesburg and North West areas.

  • Ntsako Mathye


    Ntsako Mathye

    I’m Ntsako Mathye and Dietetics was a career I fell into more than one I chose. But on the first day of class I realised how important food was to our overall health and I had found my calling.

    I completed my B.Sc. Dietetics Honours in 2008. I then did my community service at Rustenburg Provincial hospital then started a four year long clinical career at Leratong hospital in 2010.

    At Leratong Hospital I feel in love with Paediatric nutrition and community based nutritional education. I found that the community lacked education on the importance of nutrition in connection to healthy lifestyle, so it became my passion to educate the community on nutrition from birth throughout the life cycle.

    Like in all things you have to grow, so I left the public sector in 2014 to grow my knowledge base. I worked for one of the biggest international infant feeding companies for a few months and then opened a private practice.

    In January 2015 I found my niche and a new home at FUTURELIFE ®. I look forward to continue my passion of educating and feeding the community healthy food that leads to a healthy nation.

  • Sonal Ratan


    Sonal Ratan

    Sonal qualified as a registered Dietician from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2013. Her Dietetics career began at a district hospital in a rural area where she completed her community service year. Her surroundings humbled her and inspired her to educate the less fortunate on how to start a sustainable food supply and achieve a balanced diet despite being faced with limited resources.

    Sonal has always been passionate about exposing the truth about “fad diets” and sharing information surrounding nutrition that has been substantiated with scientific research. This led her join a private practice setting where she treated out-patients with non-communicable diseases and allergies. She also gained valuable experience working with paediatric, medical, neonatal ICU and surgical ICU in-patients.
    Sonal officially joined the FUTURELIFE® team in November 2016 however her journey with FUTURELIFE® began in the first year of her career when she had first-hand experiences of how their products improved the lives of malnourished and disadvantaged people in a rural hospital setting. During her work in private practice she has been a proud ambassador of FUTURELIFE® products. She witnessed how FUTURELIFE® products assisted people from all walks of life to achieve a balanced diet. She is passionate about FUTURELIFE® and excited to continue her journey with the brand as the FUTURELIFE® KZN Regional Dietician.

  • Wilna Eksteen


    Wilna Eksteen

    Wilna graduated in 2012 at the University of Pretoria with a Bachelors in Dietetics. In 2013 she did her community service year at Steve Biko Academic hospital where she was privileged enough to gain a vast amount of valuable experience in a clinical setup. The need and hunger for knowledge regarding nutrition was made known to her on this community level.

    She developed an interest in people with special needs while working in a clinical setup (elderly, disabled, cerebral palsy and alternative feeding methods), Wilna feels that feeding those that need it the most means that you are saving lives on a daily basis – as everyone needs to eat! Her mind-set regarding nutrition rests upon the fact that every single bit of theory must turn into food; that is what she teaches, writes and does.

    As an active individual and being raised in a sport crazy family, Wilna needed to know as much as possible about sport nutrition. She believes a healthy active lifestyle is the only way to keep everything in balance and functioning properly.

    She started working for FUTURELIFE® in 2014 in the Pretoria and Free State areas alongside a great team, joining a company which she believes gives her the opportunity to live out her interests where theory is constantly turning into something that we can eat and enjoy!