Give your digestive system some TLC daily by making a delicious smoothie with ingredients that have been found to be particularly great for your tummy. Follow these 5 easy steps to build your own smoothie: 1. ADD DAIRY or DAIRY ALTERNATIVE Packed with protein to keep you fuller, calcium for strong bones and electrolytes to
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A perfectly working digestive system is hard to come by. Most people experience tummy troubles at some point and this is completely normal considering it’s such an incredibly complex system. Before you can delve into the details of dealing with any kind of tummy trouble it may be helpful to understand how the digestive system
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Interview with Two Ocean’s Marathon runner Ntombesintu Mfunzi

Nedbank Running Club athlete Ntombesintu Mfunzi recently took part in the Old Mutual Two Ocean’s Marathon. Ntombesintu ran an amazing race and placed 10th overall in the Women’s race – a phenomenal feat. We chatted with her to find out exactly what it takes to become a top athlete: how she trains, what motivates and inspires
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What Women want! A look at what we crave and why?

Why do we crave food? Food cravings can be described as ‘an intense desire to eat a specific food’.  The frequency, strength and types of food cravings have been found to differ between men and women, different phases of the menstrual cycle and in some cases with body mass index (BMI). The underlying causes of […]

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10 Evidence-Based Nutrition Tips for Cancer Prevention

Cancer, the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells, is a disease which has touched almost every person in some or other way. Globally it has contributed to an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases, 8.2 million cancer deaths and 32.6 million people living with cancer in 2012, according to the GLOBOCAN 2012 project. Lung cancer was
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Vitamin D from supplementation versus Sunlight

Functions of Vitamin D in the body We all know that calcium is good for our bones but Vitamin D together with phosphorus goes hand in hand with calcium in the development and maintenance of bones. Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, works with these two minerals to form bones and teeth […]

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