Angie Bentley

Angie completed her BSc Dietetics at the University of the Free State with all the “tools” required to go out into the world as a registered dietitian.

After University she started out her career at Grey Hospital in King Williams Town. As one of only two dietitians there she was able to gain valuable experience in multiple spheres of dietetics and treat a variety of disease states. Her passion for community outreach and the value of nutrition education were also harnessed over this period.

After spending a year in a clinical setting, Angie decided it was time to spread her wings and see what else the world of dietetics had to offer - she started out as a FUTURELIFE® dietitian at the beginning of 2013, having found a company where she could grow, learn and add value. ‘FUTURELIFE®’s values align completely with mine, and I love that’, she says.

Angie is also a sports nutrition enthusiast and as an avid mid to long distance runner herself, understands the complexities of tweaking the diet to best reach individual requirements for optimal performance outcomes.
Angie is based in the Eastern Cape and heads up the dynamic team of FUTURELIFE® dietitians nationally.

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