FUTURELIFE® is a functional food company with a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone by helping them to make the right nutritional choices in their daily lives.

We are South Africa’s first and only scientifically formulated, balanced, nutrient dense food to contain Moducare®. All FUTURELIFE® products are also high in Energy, Protein and Dietary Fibre, and contain Calcium, Iron, Selenium, Zinc, essential vitamins and minerals, 19 Amino Acids and Omega 3+6.

Currently the FUTURELIFE® range consists of various different products and we are working diligently to develop new lines to bring to the market.

How did it all begin?

Behind many great companies there’s an interesting story about how they started. Our journey is no different. FUTURELIFE® began in 2008 primarily as a social project to help improve the lives of malnourished and disadvantaged people in sub-Saharan Africa. Our aim was to create the most nutritional product possible at the lowest cost and with total convenience. It had to have a great taste and could be enjoyed by just adding water (adding milk and/or sugar were optional). We believed the product should contain only the highest quality ingredients, even if it meant getting these from other parts of the world.

We established a research team made up of doctors and nutritionists who took them two years to develop a product that offered all these benefits. We decided to call it FUTURELIFE® because it was created specifically to give people the hope of a happy and healthy “future life”.

FUTURELIFE® proved so nutritious and popular with everyone who received it, that we decided to repackage it and market it to all South Africans.

Every day we receive hundreds of emails from people with their personal stories on how FUTURELIFE® has changed their lives. These people are from all walks of life – many are already fit sportsmen who find that FUTURELIFE® gives them the sustained energy they need for endurance events, some are mothers who are happy in the knowledge that they are now providing their families with excellent nutrition, and others are diabetics, cancer survivors, people with multiple sclerosis, suffering from IBS or faced with other health challenges who have FUTURELIFE® to assist them in promoting a more balanced life.

Vision & Values

Everyone needs a purpose in life. It’s a direction and a driving force. Our purpose and vision revolves around transforming people’s lives.


To improve the lives of people all over the world by making healthy, affordable foods.
We are what we believe and what we act upon.

8 Values

BEING HEALTHY: There is nothing more precious in life than having good health. Everything else springs from this. There is an old Bulgarian saying that goes something like this, “A healthy person has a 1000 wishes, a sick person only has one.”

HAVING VITALITY: We need energy and lots of it to achieve our dreams and goals in life. That’s why it’s important to start your day off with a Smart Food™ like FUTURELIFE® that will give you a slow release of energy for many hours.

BALANCE AND WELLBEING: When your body and mind are in perfect balance you are happy, unstressed and fully engaged with life, which is why we have created a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals in FUTURELIFE®.

LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL: Embrace life and you will be forever rich.

INTEGRITY: You have to behave with this in everything you do! Not just to promote good relationships, but for yourself.

NUTRITIONAL EVIDENCE: FUTURELIFE® employs a full-time team of 8 dieticians and we work with industry experts to ensure everything we do is based on up to date nutritional science and evidence.

FRESH APPROACH: Fresh thinking, an open mind and new approaches lead to great innovations like FUTURELIFE®.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: What we create is based on our belief that through good nutrition, the promotion of exercise and a positive attitude, we can help build a healthier world.



“It has been my dream that the benefits of FUTURELIFE® can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world for a better future life” – Paul Saad


Paul Saad, founder of FUTURELIFE®, officially established the FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust in October 2014. FUTURELIFE® has supported numerous charities in South Africa since 2008. The FUTURELIFE® Foundation Trust was established as a nonprofit organisation registered as a public benefit organisation in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act. NPO 150-606 PBO 930 049012.

The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance broad-based community development, particularly for the benefit of children at non fee-paying schools, vulnerable groups in society, and to support projects that promote sustainable livelihoods in areas where such non-fee-paying schools exist. We provide assistance to such communities to ensure their children’s healthy development of physical, educational and social needs.



The Vision of the Trust is the provision of strategic support for sustainable feeding programmes and projects for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.


To enable needy and destitute school children to grow up to achieve their full potential as responsible, self-reliant, productive and caring citizens by creating sustainable feeding and learning programmes focused on nutrition and education enhancement.

To improve the lives of children and adults struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, by the provision of nutrition.

To educate and raise the awareness of South African people of their collective responsibility towards the plight of needy and destitute children and adults and of the need to support their cause.

To ensure that all projects undertaken by the Trust are self-sustaining and aimed at attaining the objectives of the Trust.

For more information on the FUTURELIFE® Foundation, please visit the website by clicking here.


What does NAPPI stand for?

National Pharmaceutical Product Index (NAPPI CODE)

What does this code mean?

The NAPPI code is a unique coding system (identifier) for medicines, surgical or consumable products and medical procedures which allows you the consumer to claim a rebate / refund from your medical aid.

MediKredit has, over the years, undertaken the task to facilitate the adoption of NAPPI (National Pharmaceutical Product Interface) as a national electronic standard on behalf of the South African healthcare industry.

The NAPPI code therefore:

  • Is a recognised medical aid product code.
  • Enables you to apply for reimbursement from a medical aid scheme, but is not a guarantee of reimbursement.

Why does FUTURELIFE® qualify for a NAPPI Code?

FUTURELIFE® is high in Energy, high in Protein, has 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals and contains Moducare®.

Does FUTURELIFE® have a NAPPI Code?

Yes, all FUTURELIFE High Energy Smart Food™ products, have a NAPPI code. It is found on the bottom of our packs. Our NAPPI code is 712719-001.

What does this mean for you the consumer?

It means that your medical aid might reimburse your FUTURELIFE®. The reimbursement will come out of your medical savings plan.

Please make contact with them and submit the FUTURELIFE® NAPPI code.

We would like to emphasize that the reimbursement of your purchase is dependent on your medical aid provider’s terms.

How do you claim?

  • Purchase FUTURELIFE® from any pharmacy or retailer outlet as per normal.
  • Keep the invoice.
  • Write the NAPPI code on the invoice.
  • Submit the invoice to your medical aid within 3 months of purchase.